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Development team

The company owns a high quality research and development team with professional, complete and excellent equipment. Now we have more than 130 technical personnel whose educational degree is College diploma or above. They account for more than 40% of total staff, among which there are 3 doctors, 15 postgraduates and more than 20 senior and middle-level professional research staff. The company has a technical research center of 3,000 square meters, which is absolutely equipped with familiar experience of selecting from chemical compounds, small scale test and amplification test. New product experiment and impurity research with all kinds of chemical reaction conditions can be conducted in the chemical synthetic Lab. It can bring out 2 to 3 domestic leading products every year.

 The company always adheres to the strategic guideline of driving the company’s development by technological innovation. The company focuses on investment in science and technology and the progress of them. It successively establishes communication and cooperation with Shandong University, China Medicine University, China University of Mining and Technology, Hebei Polytechnic University and other well-known domestic institutions. It invites 5 doctoral advisors who are overseas returnees to make up the consultative group of experts and establishes a joint research Lab. A number of patented products have been developed. The company’s annual investment in scientific research is more than 10 million, which is used to buy scientific research experimental and supplement experimental instrument and testing equipment. 

 The company has 4 items of the world’s leading proprietary technology and 20 items of being the first in domestic area or being exclusive. It has applied for 16 national patents, the products of which fill many domestic gaps and reach the international advanced level. They have formed core competitiveness of products in the industry market.

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