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Quality control

The company’s quality management system is directly under the leadership of the general manager, under which there are quality inspection department and quality management department. They respectively exercise functions of quality inspection and supervision, and management.
 Quality inspection department is responsible for monitoring of raw material used for the company’s production, finished product, intermediate, checking on process water and environmental condition. It has one quality inspection center and three quality inspection rooms. A quality inspection team of nearly 30 people has been formed, among which there are 21 undergraduates and 4 graduates. High-quality quality inspection team provides important guarantee for the company’s product quality.
 Quality inspection department is equipped with domestic first-class analysis and detection equipment, including nearly 30 high performance liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, differential refractive detector, abbe optical analyzer, digital display type automatic polarimeter, moisture analyzer and so on. It fully owns and meets requirement of scientific monitoring, quality analysis of raw material, intermediate and finished product, and control research.
 Quality management department takes responsibility for establishing and perfecting of the company’s quality supervision system. It arranges full-time QA personnel to conduct monitoring on the overall process including comment on raw material supplier, procurement of raw material, warehouse entry inspection, production process, release of end product, sales, customer feedback and so on, standardizes and perfects all kinds of quality management system, manages the company’s whole quality system by means of on site patrol inspection, regular inspection and regular quality report at the same time, and regularly organizes training of updated GMP knowledge to improve the staff’s quality consciousness and establish their quality concept.

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